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Public input invited on Draft Bylaw 252-18 Animal Control Bylaw

Public Input Invited on Draft Bylaw 252-18 Animal Control Bylaw

The Mayor and Council invite residents to provide their input on the Draft 252-18 Bylaw which provides for municipal purposes respecting the control, health and safety of, and protection from wild and domestic animals, including insects and birds: and provides for the regulation, control and prohibition, and provides for a system of licenses, inspections, permits or approvals.


You may provide input on the Bylaw draft by email to or letter to the Village Office

by Friday, December 21st, 2018 at 4:30 PM.


This Bylaw is available for viewing and download at this link:

252-18 Animal Control Bylaw DRAFT for Public Review Nov 18 

or a hard copy can be obtained at the Village Office.