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Municipal Bylaws

The Municipal Act empowers Council to carry out its activities in two ways, by resolution or by bylaw. A resolution can be made, passed and acted upon quickly. The Act anticipates that some issues of a more serious nature may require public input, Ministerial Approval, or time for second thought, and require the formality of a bylaw.

Following are some of the bylaws established by the Village of Carmacks over the years. The last two digits are most generally the year in which the bylaw was originated or passed by Council.
Bylaw No. Short Description Comments
n/a Procurement Policy 2018 Purchasing Policy
 21 Animal Control  
120-02 Property Purchase Tew Park
122-02 Property Purchase WWTP Lot 32
134-04 Tantalus School Scholarship Reserve Fund  
137-05 Property Acquisition WWTP - Lots 1-14
143-05 Highway Closure Lots 1-14 WWTP Lots
144-05 Highway Closure Nansen Public Hearing
148-05 Street Naming/Numbering Schedule A
159-06 Reciprocal Insurance Agreement  
160-07 Sewer Bylaw Schedule A
164-07 Aquire Real Property - Rec. Center Lot  
165-08 Fire Department  
196-11 Procedure Bylaw Amendment  
197-11 Land Disposal Bylaw  
198-11 Land Acquisition  
207-13 OCP Bylaw  
208-13 Zoning Bylaw  
217-15 Amendment to Zoning Bylaw  
224-15 Amend OCP C to UR  
225-15 Amend Zoning C to UR  
234-16 Amend Zoning Bylaw 208-13 Schedule A
238-17 Municipal By-Election 2017  
239-17 System for Registration of Municipal Election
241-18 Business License Bylaw
243-18 Tax Rate Bylaw 2018  
244-18 O&M Budget Bylaw  
245-18 Three Year Capital Plan Appendix A
246-18 CAO Appointment   
247-18 Municipal Election Bylaw 2018  
248-18 Council Indemnity By-law  
249-18 Parks and Open Spaces By-law  
251-18 Municipal Election By-law