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Councillor Kevin Unterschute

My name is Kevin Unterschute, a resident of Carmacks for Kevin1
over 20 years. I was born in Melville Sask. and raised in Kelowna B.C. 
I'm so overjoyed that I was chosen to be a councillor for you 
the people in this beautiful village.
My goal is to represent not only those 39 people who believed in me, 
but all the citizens who live in the village boundaries, with fair, sound, 
decisions that will make our community a great place to live for all. 
I will vote on issues on their merit, with no bias or favouritism. 
I will do my best to address concerns of all constituents.
I will try to introduce good ideas from you and myself that
will see this great community of ours flourish in an 
environmentally-economically way. 

I'm currently employed by Health and Social Services, YG, 
p/t permanent and have a small janitorial business. 
My political experience is what I am getting now and am wishing
your patience while I get in the groove. 
Family values are a priority. Family values have guided me through life 
and I wish to incorporate this in my work as your councillor. 
May we all live healthy, happy and honest lives. 
May we all prosper and grow together in a safe community. 
We have the wisdom to respect our environment and maintain an
 economically sound community, in balance, for us all.