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Emergency Services

Ambulance Services

Ambulance service is provided by volunteers. The ambulance is housed at the Fire Hall. Telephone: (867) 863-4444.

Police Services

Police services are provided by the RCMP, with a corporal and two constables.
The non-emergency phone number is (867) 863-2677.

Fire Protection

The Carmacks Volunteer Fire Department has 12 personnel, with two tanker trucks and radio communication. The fire hall houses the two trucks and other emergency services equipment.

Search and Rescue

Carmacks Search and Rescue, another volunteer group, have a Suburban with Jaws of Life, and a boat for river rescue efforts.



If you or someone else is hurt or in danger, phone 9-1-1 to get help from RCMP, the fire department or emergency medical services (EMS). 
This is available anywhere you can make a phone call in the Yukon.